Calculator is an extensive math expression evaluator for Webacus. You can perform basic arithmetic, percentage operations with precision. It features a flexible expression parser with a large set of built-in units, functions and constants.

Basic Arithmetic operation

Operation Operator Phrases Example
PLUS, AND, WITH, ADD 1 + 24, 1 plus 3 plus 5
MINUS, SUBTRACT, WITHOUT 0.234 - 3.14, 23 without 10
TIMES, MULTIPLIEDBY, MUL 1234 * 100, 6665.01 MUL 001
DIVIDE, DIVIDEBY (1+23)/(0.01)
POW 2 ^ 2 ^ 2 pow 23
134 mod 13
25% of 1024, 10 of 234

Operator precedence rule

Operators Meaning Association
() Parentheses
log() Function call
34 cm , 45 cm Unit suffix
^ Exponent right to left
+x, -x, !x Unary right to left
as, in Unit or number system conversion
*, / , mod, of Multiplication, division, modulus and percentage left to right
+, - Addition and subtraction left to right
<, >, <=, >=, <==, >== Camparison left to right
==, !=, ===, !== Equality left to right
= Assignment right to left

Percentage operation

For general percentage operations like adding or subtracting the per cent of value, you can do 12 + 24%, 1230 - 23.23%


You can declare variables using = or : operator, you can also reassign them

Please note that you can't use variable names which are being used for phrases in operations and units

radius : 20cm


Variable name Value
E 2.718281828459045235360287
PI 3.141592653589793238462645
PI2 6.2831853071795864769


abs(-23) + log(123)

List of supported functions:

Description Function Example
Square root sqrt sqrt(4)
Cube root cbrt cbrt(12)
Absolute value abs abs(-4)
Logarithm log log(10)
Natural logarithm ln ln(10)
Rounding round round(3.14)
Ceiling ceil ceil(1.67)
Flooring floor floor(1.23)
Sum of start...end sigma sigma(0, 100)
Cosine cos cos(0)
Sine sin sin(10)
Tangent tan tan(50)
Inverse cosine acos acos(7)
Inverse sine asin asin(89.01)
Inverse tangent atan atan(45)
Hyperbolic cosine cosh cosh(34)
Hyperbolic sine sinh sinh(9)
Hyperbolic tangent tanh tanh(45)
Hyperbolic inverse cosine acosh acosh(34)
Hyperbolic inverse sine asinh asinh(9)
Hyperbolic inverse tangent atanh atanh(45)


You can convert one unit into another. Calculator will automatically convert units to perform operations if it's needed during conversion.

23day in sec
100min + 34sec + 1day + 10% of 100 day


Unit Phrases
Centimeter cm, centimeter
Meter m, meter
Millimeter mm, milimeter
Kilometer km
Inch inch
Feet ft
Yard yd, yard
Mile mi
Nautical mile (nmi) nmi


Unit Phrases
Kilometer per hour kmh, kmph, khm, kph
Miles per hour mph
Meters per second mps
Feet per second fps
Knots kts, knots


Unit Phrases
Nanosecond nsec, nanosecond, nanoseconds
Microsecond msec, microsecond, microseconds
Seconds sec, second
Minutes minute
Hours hr, hour
Days day
Week week, weeks


Unit Phrases
Kelvin K, kelvin
Farenheit °F, F
Celcius °C, C


Unit Phrases
Gram g, gram, grams
Tonne tonne, tonnes
Kilogram kg, kilogram, kilograms
Milligram mg, milligram, milligrams
Microgram microgram, micrograms
Imperialton imperialton
Uston uston
Stone stone, stones
Pound pound, pounds
Ounce ounce, ounces

Digital storage

Unit Phrases
Bit bit
Kilobit kilobit, kB
Kibibit kibibit, kiB
Megabit megabit, mB
Mebibit mebibit, miB
Gigabit gigabit, gB
Gibibit gibibit, giB
Terabit gerabit, tB
Tebibit tebibit, tiB
Petabit petabit, pB
Pebibit pebibit, piB
Byte byte
Kilobyte kilobyte, kb
Kibibyte kibibyte, kib
Megabyte megabyte, mB
Mebibyte mebibyte, mib
Gigabyte gigabyte, gb
Gibibyte gibibyte, gib
Terabyte gerabyte, tb
Tebibyte tebibyte, tib
Petabyte petabyte, pb
Pebibyte pebibyte, pib

Number System

You can convert one number system into another:

0.34 km in octal # 0o0.25605075341217270244 Kilometer
0b1011 + 0xac


You use scales in the number literal:

45 B


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