Convert value from one type to another

Value convert operation is a helper operation you can use to change type of values. The operation is also used internally for converting values to the specific type.

Supported conversions for Date type:

⇨ Text (Uses formatting)

⇨ Number (Unix timestamp)

⇨ Hex (But first convert to Text or Number)

Supported conversions for Number type:

⇨ Text

⇨ Date (Unix timestamp)

⇨ Binary (Available 3 formats)

Supported conversion for Text type:

⇨ Number

⇨ Date

⇨ Binary (Text is assumed to be encoded using UTF-8)

Supported conversion for Text.bin type:

⇨ Binary (Taking each character's code-point, if it's less than 255)

Supported conversion for Hex type:

⇨ Text.utf8 (Data is assumed to represent UTF-8 encoded text)

⇨ Text.bin (Each byte is directly converted to code-point)

⇨ Number

⇨ Date (But first convert to Text or Number)

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